ENLETS appoints a dedicated Secretariat

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The Polish Platform for Homeland Security (PPHS) has been instated as the Secretariat of ENLETS in an effort to regain momentum and expand activities. Since the end of 2020, the team from PPHS has engaged with the Core Group (Link) of ENLETS to understand how the Polish team could assist the current structure of ENLETS […]

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Financial Investigations TIG welcomes 140+ members to engaging meeting

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The objective of the Financial Investigation TIG is to identify the means and methods of money flows that are used for criminal activities and have disruptive effects on society. In recent months, there were 3 TIG online meetings organised: Suspicious Transactions (November 2020), Digital Forensics (February 2021) and Virtual Currencies (March 2021). The last session […]

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Mobile Solutions TIG head to the Cloud

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For several years, the cloud has increased in relevance across all domains, and law enforcement is no different. Of course, the cloud is not a suitable – or necessary – solution for every application, but it does provide a saleable and flexible approach that cannot be matched with traditional on-premise approaches. For the law enforcement […]

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