TIG Focused on Operational Centres Relaunched

TIG Focused on Operational Centres Relaunched

TIG Focused on Operational Centres Relaunched

We are pleased to introduce you to a renewed ENLETS Technological Interest Group focused on Operational Centres!

Operational Centres are regarded as the “Heart of the Police,” pumping blood into the veins of police networks and remaining vigilant to a variety of threats. They are undeniably an important part of police work, which is why this renewed permanent working group focuses on Operational Centres and their needs.

The group is made up of leaders and representatives from 21 different Operational Centres across Europe!

The group’s goal is to: ensure improved cooperation and information sharing among Operational Centres during major events – particularly in the “Golden Hour” of a situation. This covers:

  • Exchange of operational management experience and best practices
  • Identifying and testing new operational management technologies
  • Participating in the operational management’s future (use of AI and automation)
  • Discuss and elaborate on how to effectively handle data “tsunamis” in Operational Centres
  • Discuss additional strategic issues (and challenges).

Members of the group will be able to participate in the “EU cross-border communication” pilot testing. In crises and emergencies, the Operational Centres continue to lack the capability to share data cross-border, quickly and securely. Within OC TIG, ENLETS will discuss operational challenges for OCs and set up tests and pilots for cross-border data exchange during the “Golden Hour”.

The ENLETS Messenger was mentioned and recommended in the Council Conclusions on Operational Police Cooperation as a system for the Member States to share operational data across borders.

The ENLETS Messenger was developed with funding from the European Commission as part of the H2020 i-LEAD project. The messenger’s software is integrated into various law enforcement agencies and is being tested in projects including the H2020 Broadway. The European Commission’s goal is to prioritise cross-sectoral pan-European collaboration among emergency services. Natural disasters, flooding, terrorist attacks, and criminal cases necessitate the immediate exchange of relevant data, especially when multiple member states are involved.

To assist the European Commission in its efforts to improve cross-border data exchange, the ENLETS network will collaborate with the renewed OC TIG to establish pilots with the ENLETS Messenger to work toward a harmonised pan-EU cross-border data exchange between the Member States.

All OC TIG members are invited to the F2F meeting in Prague on October 18-20, 2022!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Join the TIG under this link.

TIG Focused on Operational Centres Relaunched


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