C-UAS TIG Meeting in Finland

C-UAS TIG Meeting in Finland

C-UAS TIG Meeting in Finland

From the 30th of August to the 1st of September 2023, the C-UAS TIG met at the Helsinki-East Aerodrome for a F2F meeting and Industry Days in parallel to the TECH RUNWAY event.

During the meeting, the group members discussed how to address the Commission’s priorities, focusing on the potential threats posed by drones and identifying priority actions to achieve the group’s objectives.

Tech Runway brought together some of the most significant aircraft manufacturers in the industry. Among the 50 exhibitors, we could see aircraft, drones, electric vehicles, airport technologies, and many other future air traffic innovations. However, the C-UAS TIG had the opportunity to test live the technologies of the following companies:

Securify – offers identity-based monitoring solutions. The company provides monitors to track network access and behaviour across systems and networks, including enterprise manager appliances that centralise the control and monitoring of multiple monitors and security zones.

Steel Rock – provides innovative technology platforms, services and complete solutions for UAS and Counter-UAS applications that address current capability gaps. During the meeting, NightFighter was presented  –  an operationally proven, portable counter-UAS solution that safely engages and neutralises target drones and other autonomous vehicle threats using advanced and efficient hybrid RF effector technology.

Takdir –  provides strategic security services to the public services and has vast experience in emerging technology in protecting critical infrastructure and sensitive sites.

Dedrone – provides a comprehensive AI/ML-powered airspace security solution that protects people, property, and information from the threat of drones while enabling the “good” drones to fly. The following solutions were presented:

  • City-Wide Drone Detection – allows organisations to instantly access drone data in their airspace without the need to install or maintain hardware. Users can easily mark alert zones and receive real-time notifications when drones enter detection areas.
  • DedroneDefender – is a lightweight, smart narrowband disruption device that is cloud-enabled for use with DedroneTracker software. Users can detect, identify, locate, track, and mitigate drone threats.
  • DroneDefender – fits the profile of any government organisation that needs to protect physical assets, people, and information from UAS attacks and intelligence gathering. DroneDefender jams in the most common frequencies that drones operate, including the GNSS spectrum, effectively countering a wide range of COTS UAS.

The meeting created a great atmosphere promoting collaboration and knowledge transfer. A report summarising the group’s activities will be produced shortly. For now, please watch a video from the event.


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