C-UAS TIG - 26.10.21

C-UAS TIG - 26.10.21

The last monthly C-UAS TIG meeting took place on the 26th of October 2021 and this time hosted a representative from ATLAS Forum Innovation. 

At this meeting, the current stage of Subgroup's - detection, neutralisation, regulation, U-Space, forensics, EU Projects and networks - activities were presented. 

Currently, work is underway to disseminate two questionnaires on the legal situation and use of the U-Space concept concerning counter UAS-Technology employed by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA).

The date of the next C-UAS meeting will soon be confirmed and all LEAs are invited to join.

If you would like to take part in similar meetings and you represent a law enforcement agency or similar institution – please complete this application




C-UAS TIG Update, 11.2022
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C-UAS TIG Update, 11.2022

The most recent C-UAS TIG meeting was held on October 19th, with a brief presentation about the outcomes of the Intra-EU C-UAS Seminar led by Lars Huybrechts(DG Home).

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