On the 27th May 2021, the monthly C-UAS TIG meeting was held.

In the first part, Christopher Church from the Digital Forensics Lab Interpol Global Complex for Innovation presented INTERPOL’s experiences with dealing with Unmanned Aircraft Systems. As well as global operational procedures and guidelines related to drone-countering matters.

We are still looking for police officers working in the field of drone forensics and related matters to join the Subgroup. The purpose of this group is, among others, harmonisation of the forensic procedures for the UAS through cooperation with INTERPOL and previous ENLETS Forensics TIGs. If you or your colleagues would like to get involved in this or other specific Subgroups, such as Regulations, U-Space, Detection, Neutralization or EU Project, please complete this application.

The next C-UAS meeting takes place on the 15th June 2021, and the speaker will be Paul Hansen representing the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

C-UAS TIG meeting

12:00 - 14:00

27.05.2021 - 27.05.2021