C-UAS TIG Meeting - 04.21

C-UAS TIG Meeting - 04.21

In the process of writing the Project Initiation Document, the team decided that the TIG will be re-named to the more appropriate C-UAS (previously C-UAV – with V standing for vehicles) to match the changing lexicon in the field of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. On 21st April 2021, the monthly C-UAS TIG meeting was held.

Its main purpose was to present the goals, assumptions and further activities of the subgroups, which were chosen in terms of many specific topics in this field.

The TIG will include such subgroups as Regulations, U-Space, Forensics, Detection, Neutralisation and EU Project. In addition, Peter Nilsson, Head of the Network for Police and Border Guard Units at EU Airports (AIRPOL) presented the general background and main mission of the network, as well as the best practices. The final version of the C-UAS Project Initiation Document will be available soon to ENLETS members.

We are happy to announce that the group is also organising an Industry Day. The event will run in June and more details will follow soon. However, we can confirm the meeting will allow group members and other interested LEAs to engage Industry and technology partners that are leading innovation developments in the domain.

If you would like to join the C-UAS, or a specific Subgroup, please complete this application.

C-UAS TIG Meeting - 04.21

21.04.2021 - 21.04.2021




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