C-UAS TIG Meeting Update, 18.01.22

C-UAS TIG Meeting Update, 18.01.22

The C-UAS TIG held its monthly meeting on 18th January 2022. Presented at the meeting were very interesting outcomes of EU project ALADDIN - Advanced hoListic Adverse Drone Detection, Identification Neutralisation.

Moreover, our Leaders of the Detection, Neutralisation and U-Space Subgroups presented the analysis of surveys conducted on November 21. The multidimensional analysis within the subgroups provides a solid base to plan future TIG activities, and the recommendations and plans also provided discussion points among attendees.

To improve the quality and standard of future C-UAS TIG online meetings, in January 2022 the team launched anonymous Meeting Evaluation Forms that include several closed and open-ended questions. So far, 14 answers have been received from the group. Overall, members rated the meetings as ‘very good', ‘interesting’ and ‘valuable’, mainly because of the opportunities to share experience and ideas and meet colleagues within other police units in Europe.

The most valuable part of the C-UAS TIG meetings, according to our Members, were the possibilities of sharing various points of view and knowing about the different initiatives and other European projects on the C-UAS topics. Furthermore, the organisation of C-UAS TIG meetings was rated as ‘well organised’, and the model of the meetings is ‘efficient’ and allows an agile performance of activities.

Among the suggestions and recommendations for future C-UAS TIG meetings appeared the need to meet in person once the COVID pandemic allows.

The team would like to thank all contributors for the evaluations, we are even more motivated to organise TIG activities in the following year!





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