The Polish Platform for Homeland Security (PPHS) has been instated as the Secretariat of ENLETS in an effort to regain momentum and expand activities.

Since the end of 2020, the team from PPHS has engaged with the Core Group of ENLETS to understand how the Polish team could assist the current structure of ENLETS and help ramp up activities and recapture the impetus lost as a result of the COVID pandemic.

PPHS is an established organisation with many years of experience working in the Security Research Domain. The team boasts a broad range of experts that have skills to complement ENLETS and its regular activities.

The duties of PPHS relate to the implementation of a renewed Communication and Dissemination strategy, the organisation of meetings and events, and dedicated support to each of the Technology Interest Groups.

The Secretariat is the point of contact for any issues connected to ENLETS, and the team will make sure to connect you with the relevant team within the network. Get in touch if you have any matters to discuss.