The objective of the Financial Investigation TIG is to identify the means and methods of money flows that are used for criminal activities and have disruptive effects on society.

In recent months, there were 3 TIG online meetings organised: Suspicious Transactions (November 2020), Digital Forensics (February 2021) and Virtual Currencies (March 2021).

The last session saw 140+ Law Enforcement Officers connect to a fascinating meeting that involved:

  • A case analysis on the ‘Bestmixer’ investigation that took down a multi-million euro money-laundering machine
  • An introduction to the Graphsense platform created by the Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Reflection on the previous TIG that formed to tackle the Darkweb and virtual currencies

If you are engaged in financial investigations and would like to join the TIG – please get in touch.
If you represent a commercial organisation providing products to counter financial crime, we also welcome you to get in touch to share your product information.