Financial Investigations TIG Meeting - 22.04.21

Financial Investigations TIG Meeting - 22.04.21

The most recent Financial TIG meeting took place on 22nd April 2021 with 'Drones' as the subject of the session.

First, we listened to Jarmo Puustinen (ENLETS NCP FINLAND, Counter-UAS’s TIG Leader) who introduced the participants to the topic of drones, giving the essential information and an overview of drones usage.

Then Manuel Ruiz de Quintanilla (Aeorum, Spain) shed some light on the platform SURVEIRON (Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures) giving a more detailed look into the concept of the drone. The next two speakers - Major of the Central Operative Unit (UCO, Guardia Civil) and a representative of the Dutch FIOD presented how drones are used in their everyday work. Approximately 40 participants listened to those impressive presentations.

The next Financial Investigation TIG session will be held on 10th June 2021.


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