Forthcoming tests of the ENLETS Messenger

Forthcoming tests of the ENLETS Messenger

ENLETS assessed cross-border data-sharing capabilities in previous years and concluded that member states are unable to exchange various types of data during the so-called Golden Hour. The Golden Hour is a critical period during which operational centres require operational police information, which is unfortunately not available through the existing channels. 

As a result, in the QROC project, our members tested new capabilities, which resulted in the creation of the secure ENLETS Messenger. This application can quickly and securely establish information channels between partners, allowing the transfer of any data format. In the coming weeks, 13 operational centres will launch pilots with fictitious data based on real-world scenarios such as manhunts, missing persons, and natural disasters. The scenarios’ emphasis is on front-line policing and first responders, with an eye toward multi-response communication. 

The tests are currently being prepared, and the ENLETS Messenger will be essential. The goal of these tests is to investigate how future cross-border communication can be used in the EU, with a focus on human factors and organisational issues for members. The outcome will be shared with the relevant stakeholders, including member states, the EU Commission, and our Broadnet partners. 


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