Front Office Service Announcement

Front Office Service Announcement

The i-LEAD project is pleased to announce the Front Office Service, a new initiative that will enable LEAs to benefit from the project’s outputs, results, and network. The service will offer insight into deliverables, market and research solutions, event information, and industry reports that identify the best solutions to support LEAs’ specific requests.

The service will provide a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for LEAs and frontline practitioners to ensure that inquiries are processed efficiently and that accurate and relevant information is provided.

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security (task 5.4 leader) is responsible for maintaining the i-LEAD Front Office as well as responding to all inquiries and providing feedback. The assistance of specialists and subject matter experts for specific questions will be enlisted.

For more information on the Front Office or to submit an inquiry, you can contact

Please help raise awareness of this offering and share it with your colleagues and networks!

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