i-LEAD - Providing new solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

i-LEAD - Providing new solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

The Innovation Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue was one of the first EU-funded 'Network of Practitioners' projects funded through the EU.

The concept for i-LEAD stems from the need for LEAs to have new solutions and approaches that reflect their latest challenges. To support this, i-LEAD provides an environment where practitioners can share their requirements for improvements and express their gaps and needs on crime-specific topics. The five domains covered by i-LEAD are:

Front Line Policing, Cybercrime, Forensics, Crime & Intelligence and Cross Border Crime.

Naturally, ENLETS has similar aspirations, but the i-LEAD project provides a suitable vehicle to execute the work in a focused, supportive environment. Moreover, the inclusion of additional partners from the Research sector provides the necessary experience and skills to achieve results.

The workshops and subsequent research and market scanning activities facilitated through i-LEAD has resulted in several outputs that can assist LEAs in their working setting.

Research Days, Industry Days, and Joint Procurement Workshops are physical manifestations, while numerous reports and recommendations enrich the project's results.

i-LEAD is a 5-year initiative that started in 2017 and will run to 2022. ENLETS is engaged in many actions, explicitly using the National Contact Points and connected community to share information about the activities of i-LEAD and helping to disseminate the project's results.

More information about this project can be found here.  


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