Internet Investigation TIG Face-To-Face Meeting Moves Online

Internet Investigation TIG Face-To-Face Meeting Moves Online

The TIG had planned a face-to-face meeting in Brussels, Belgium, but due to the COVID pandemic, the group chair decided to move this to an online session.

The transition to a virtual event had both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, members of the TIG were keen to break the pause between physical sessions caused by the COVID virus. A group meeting would have provided a fantastic opportunity to reflect on current priorities and plan for the months ahead. Nevertheless, moving the session into the digital world will allow more attendees to join. Also, all sessions can run separately rather than overlapping the ‘strategic’ and ‘technical’ paths as previously planned.   

The biggest downside of the cancelled physical event is the training that OSINT expert, Marco Corradin, will run. The course prepared by Marco is exciting but challenging, and having delegates present in the same room would have assisted the smooth running of the training, creating a supportive atmosphere. Nevertheless, the team is reviewing options to replicate the live environment and will provide all course participants with a space to engage Marco throughout the course.    

If you would like to participate in the online event, please register your interest here.     


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