Mobile Solutions Activities in May and June 2021

Mobile Solutions Activities in May and June 2021

In May, the Mobile Solutions TIG met for a presentation to review technology progress and communication solutions in Scotland and the UK.

Chief Inspector Martin Gallagher from Police Scotland and Dr William Graham of Abertay University presented a fascinating overview on the rollout of the Mobile Working Project in Police Scotland. The presentation and back story helped stimulate a useful dialogue on the need for technology and mobile devices in the modern policing strategy. To supplement the session and provide further clarity, Martin Gallagher shared an interesting article regarding the progression of communication and the different ‘ages’ of Policing in the UK. You can read this here.

On the 11th, the second Friday in June 2021, the Enterprise Architect of the Dutch Police presented and shared his experience with the ENLETS Mobile Solutions TIG. 

Due to the nature of the topic, the session was more technical than in recent sessions. However, it was still valuable, as solid architecture is paramount to successful mobile solutions and IT strategy. Unfortunately, there is not too much information we can share on this session in the public domain. However, if you are a law enforcement representative and would like additional details, please consider joining the ENLETS community to access this and other useful content.

The group will take a short break over the summer months – returning in September to continue tackling the most pertinent topic for the ENLETS Mobile Solutions network.


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