Moving Towards a Greener, Sustainable Future for Policing in Europe

Moving Towards a Greener, Sustainable Future for Policing in Europe

Moving Towards a Greener, Sustainable Future for Policing in Europe

Between the 13th-15th September, police officers from across Europe gathered in Prague, Czech Republic, to address Green Policing Procurement topics that will affect how European countries implement the European Commission’s Green Deal objectives.

The topics of clean mobility, energy management of buildings and greener methods of working (efficiency of police equipment and the supporting processes of warehousing and logistics) were the main focus for this two-day interactive and fruitful meeting. The main objective of the event was to obtain up-to-date information on the preparedness and procedures of the participating countries.

There were almost forty police officers from 13 European countries who participated in the inaugural meeting for this new Technology Interest Group. The team is keen to extend the reach and connect more of the countries from Europe that are also working to make progress towards the carbon reduction agenda.

ENLETS hopes to rapidly promote new technologies, procedures and approaches at the national level in the various areas of policing. A vital issue for many countries is the allocation of funds required to acquire and implement the new technologies and technical equipment needed to meet the demands of the Green Deal. It is necessary to use the experience of all nations to cooperate and adopt good practices.

Cooperation is necessary to avoid duplication, ensure each country is familiar with the progress made by their neighbours, and work collectively to test and validate proposals that can meet the much-needed changes for a more sustainable Europe.

The group concluded the session with energy and excitement – encouraged by the productive exchange over the two days. The community will continue to engage through monthly meetings and work towards an agreed set of goals and objectives useful for all forces. Currently, the group’s leaders are establishing the specific plans, and we will share further details soon about future activities.*

*Update: If you want to read more about the meeting in Prague and the work the Green Policing TIG plans, please read this report.

If you want to contribute to this fascinating and challenging topic, please ‘Join’ ENLETS and connect with peers from across Europe in an effort to make European policing greener and more sustainable.


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