Preparing to meet the EU's Expectations for Green, Sustainable Policing

Preparing to meet the EU's Expectations for Green, Sustainable Policing

Preparing to meet the EU's Expectations for Green, Sustainable Policing

Based on the Czech presidency’s goals and the focus of the Swedish presidency, ENLETS will adjust the Procurement TIG to prepare for a greener policing future. The initiative’s goal will be: empowering good-practice European decision-making for green, sustainable police procurement. 

Why do we need to focus on this topic?

  • EU and MS regulations are striving for green and sustainable use of resources.
  • The impact on police is severe.
  • Long-term and short-term strategy for procurement is needed.
  • No exchange between MS exist and there is need to share experiences.
  • Future initiatives between MS are mutually beneficial and will help foster a harmonised European response.

ENLETS can address these topics by collecting, comparing & analysing members’ approaches to a greener police future. The network shall facilitate collaboration between experts from European police forces to explore their green energy strategies. The outputs of this work will allow community members to make well-informed procurement decisions based on the work of existing ‘green leaders’ in Europe.

The group can collaborate with industry and energy specialists to address pertinent topics.

The scope of the group to include:

  • Green cars using alternative fuel sources.
  • Greener, energy-efficient police stations using more sustainable forms of energy.
  • Review opportunities to re-use and upcycle appropriate Police materials, such as uniforms aligning with the circular economy suggestions.
  • Impact and future strategies for procurement.

If you’re interested in engaging and contributing to this TIG, please ‘Join’ to register your interest.


Wrapping Up ENLETS 2.0 in Tallinn
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Wrapping Up ENLETS 2.0 in Tallinn

As we approach the end of ENLETS 2.0, the final meeting of this funding phase was held in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 25th and 26th of June 2024 at the Ministry of the Interior. During this meeting, members of the Green Policing TIG summarised activities and looked towards the future.

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