Public Order TIG Meeting in Brussels

Public Order TIG Meeting in Brussels

Last week the members of PO TIG met in Brussels to share good practices used by the Belgian Police Force related to risk and crisis management, structure, equipment, and tactics.  

On the first day, the group visited Federal Police HQ. They were introduced to various police vehicles used in operations and listened to presentations on Public Order in Belgium, Football Policing in Belgium, and the European TOP (Protection of the European Summit). During the second day, the participants went to the Crisis Management Unit and learned how the Belgium Police works in practice.  The group attended a football match to find out more about the tactics used by police when dealing with the variety of challenges associated with football events.  

During this three-day meeting, the members of the PO TIG learned more about risk evaluation through the work of the Belgian Police. They listened to the presentations related to the cooperation of LEAs and crisis management. This included the potential of using drones during mass events such as protests, traffic assistance, and disaster victim identification.  

At the end of the meeting, new TIG members from Poland and Portugal presented actions carried out by their organisations in the area of public safety – further increasing the group’s awareness of European policing approaches.


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