Public Order TIGs Second F2F Meeting

Public Order TIGs Second F2F Meeting

Public Order TIGs Second F2F Meeting

During the I-LEAD Industry & Research Days event in The Hague, the Public Order group held their second F2F meeting. 

A PO TIG meeting was held on September 6th. The discussion focused on Gaps and Needs, which are two of TIG’s most important themes and goals, and their proper determination will allow TIG to begin scanning the market for technological solutions for Riot Police Units. Members were also allowed to present and discuss a case study of protecting a public event – a football match – as part of an exchange of best practices.  

The following day, TIG members were given a tour of the Hague Police facility, which houses the Operational Centre and the Regional Coordination Centre, from which Riot Units and Traffic Police officers operate. It was an opportunity to share knowledge about both the equipment used in daily work and the execution of major police operations. 

PO TIG members also attended the i-LEAD Industry & Research Days and provided us with a summary of the event. 

Dorset Police Officer Peter Jones: “I very much enjoy the i-Lead event. I thought the opportunities that i-Lead was trying to influence the EU commission through funding projects for end users in policing were demonstrated well at the event. It made me consider both current and potential future applications. I could only make it one day, but particularly enjoyed the Secura event (Automated Control Platform).” 

Tuukka Skottman from Helsinki Police: “The event was nicely organized and the venue was nice and small. The presentations were from many fields of expertise and you could easily pick your favourites. However, the timetables for presentations were too short and this caused overlapping. Also, many presentations were more like pitching events than presentations of ready products. I would like to see this event more as an event where end-users meet the retailers. Place where you could easily find solutions. Those of course were also present but too many were selling ideas.” 


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