Recent C-UAS TIG Activities - 15.06.21

Recent C-UAS TIG Activities - 15.06.21

The monthly C-UAS TIG meeting was held on the 15th of June. During the first part, Paul Hansen from the Joint Research Centre presented JRC’s activities in the counter-drone area. After that, the activities of subgroups were presented.

In July, the detection and neutralisation subgroup started, led by Manuel Izquierdo Colmenero and Veronica Ortiz Leal (Spain), and Dr Alessandro Carini (Italy). The objectives of the subgroups are to understand the needs of LEAs and evaluate the available technologies in the area of detection and neutralisation. In addition, the subgroups put emphasis on the exchange of knowledge and training.

The drone forensic group, under C-UAS, has a new chairman, Mr Christopher Church – a Senior Mobile Forensics Specialist at Digital Forensics Lab Interpol Global Complex for Innovation at Singapore. One purpose of this group is to harmonise the forensic procedures for the UAS through cooperation with INTERPOL and previous ENLETS Forensics TIGs. Chris, we wish you much success in leading the group!

We invite police officers working in the field of drone forensics and other C-UAS related matters to join the subgroups by completing this application.

Recent C-UAS TIG Activities - 15.06.21

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