SAFE-CITIES - Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Public Spaces in European Cities

SAFE-CITIES - Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Public Spaces in European Cities

The SAFE-CITIES project aims to help protect public spaces by providing a Security and Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Framework supported by an interactive platform. 

The platform will simulate complex scenarios, taking into account a crowd’s behaviour and various types of attacks in a realistic 3D virtual environment, allowing for comprehensive and dynamic risk and vulnerability assessments of the tested locations. 


The project is based on the participation and cooperation of public and private entities, including citizens, in developing a strategy to ensure the safety of public space while maintaining its open character.


ENLETS supports SAFE-CITIES, and the Core Group Leader is a member of the Security Advisory Board. The practitioners from ENLETS’s Technology Interest Groups specialised in public order, operational centres and countering unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) will be introduced with the project’s progress. The planned cooperation also includes sharing knowledge to facilitate SAFE-CITIES work, and mitigate public order security risks. 


ENLETS will support the development of the SAFE-CITIES Security and Vulnerability Analysis Framework. Specifically, through integrating insights of previous and ongoing work conducted within the ENLETS C-UAS TIG into the threat vector of the SVA. Protection measures will also be applied and tested within one of the project’s tasks. 


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