Scholarship Programme for Operational Centres TIG members

Scholarship Programme for Operational Centres TIG members

Scholarship Programme for Operational Centres TIG members

We are happy to announce that Shift Leaders from Operational Centres across Europe will take part in the upcoming Scholarship Programme, which will be held from October to December 2023. The initiative connects TIG members from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Italy. 

Operational Centres workers will travel to Operation Centres in partner countries and spend a few days learning about each other’s work. TIG members participating in the scholarship will gain knowledge about information exchange between OCs, government authorities, and foreign bodies. Also, they will be introduced to software and databases from other regions, real-time information systems, and citizens’ participation in police processes.

Additional topics covered include: 

  • Operational Centres environment and welfare (layout, hardware used, environment settings, local and broad network, types of connectivity and legal boundaries, overall awareness, staff well-being);
  • Employee’s job description (responsibilities, shifts, proficiencies, ranking officers etc.); 
  • Operational centres responsibilities (coordination, tactics, level of involvement and state of involvement during crisis, unit deployment and first responders’ coordination); 
  • Overall education programs for Dispatchers and Call takers 112 in cantonal police;
  • Best practices for crime-solving and other useful tools for law enforcement will be presented.

The Scholarship Programme will boost cooperation with local and foreign law enforcement agencies, particularly in the ‘golden hour’ following a crisis.

Stay tuned for more information. 


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