During recent meetings, the Mobile Solutions TIG discussed future collaboration in the Mobile Technology area. The conversations concluded in broadening the group’s scope to reflect the changing operational environment of policing.  

Technical developments concerning improvements within the police and border services are increasingly affecting LEAs present focus on working “mobile”. The difference between working mobile and working at a fixed workplace is no longer relevant. From a user’s perspective, there is a need for an integrated, consistent operational working environment available everywhere and anytime.  

A challenge facing law enforcement is integrating the latest technology seamlessly into the working environment. These tasks continue to place high demands on Mobile Application Teams – their resourcefulness, creativity – and consequently the cooperation and cross border discussions. 

The TIG Chair, Edwin Delwel, has also discussed this with Patrick Padding, ENLETS core group leader. From these talks, it was clear that ENLETS’ Core Group would welcome a perspective change and adjustment of the scope and direction of the TIG.  

In line with these talks, we are taking the next step and can confirm that: ENLETS Mobile Solutions TIG is now ENLETS Digital Workplace TIG 

As well as continuing the useful dialogue between development teams, the group will expand the scope to the Digital Workplace in the operational domain within the police and border control. 

In parallel, we will further strengthen the dialogue by inviting tactical and strategic management representatives. This aligns with our observation that police face significant technological changes that will influence the strategic planning of police and border forces. 

If you would like to join future discussions and help to shape the Digital Workplace within EU law enforcement – please consider joining the TIG.