Financial TIG meeting - 08.07.21

Financial TIG meeting - 08.07.21

The most recent Financial TIG was for the Digital Forensic subgroup, which took place on the 8th July 2021.

The meeting was dedicated to the future activities of the group. Mr. Freek van der Ploeg (FIOD, the Netherlands) was chosen as the group leader.

In the brainstorming session, the participants decided to focus on the training possibilities offered to the digital investigators. The subgroup is going to create a repository of knowledge containing information about all the trainings, best practices and identified gaps.

During the next meeting, a representative of the Tax and Customs Administration of the Netherlands is going to give a presentation on the topic of multi-party computation. The group will be meeting once a month starting from the 23rd of September. The meeting will be held online, and it will start at 13:00 CEST. The next main Financial TIG meeting will take place on the 16th of September on the subject of Suspicious Transactions. If you want to join this meeting and future sessions, please complete this application.


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