C-UAS TIG Update - 24.11.21

C-UAS TIG Update - 24.11.21

The Regulation, Detection & U-Space Subgroups of C-UAS TIG are currently gathering responses for their surveys to analyse the state of play regarding counter-drone matters in MS.

The online surveys are collecting common information on the legal situation, use technology to detect drones, as well as the U-SPACE concept concerning counter UAS employed by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) in the EU.

So far, they have received feedback from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and UK. However, there is still a missing opinion from the rest EU countries. You are encouraged to fill the surveys and/or share this information with your colleagues who are involved in C-UAS issues.

The links to the surveys are below:

The deadline for gathering responses is 10th December 2021.




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