The ENLETS Cross-border Collaboration meeting in Warsaw

The ENLETS Cross-border Collaboration meeting in Warsaw

What are the key strategies and technologies used in Mission-critical Communication, and how can we ensure effective and reliable communication during critical situations?

The ENLETS Cross-border Collaboration meeting started yesterday in Warsaw, and the group is working to answer these questions. The meeting brings together experts from two ENLETS Technology Interest Groups: Operational Centres and Digital Workplace.

Patrick Padding opened the meeting by introducing the ENLETS Network and emphasising collaborative efforts to enhance security and crisis management across the EU. Patrick highlighted a requirement-driven approach to solution development, stressing the need for solutions tailored to the specific needs of end users, with an emphasis on practical implementation and standardised procedures for effective real-world communication systems. Despite industry readiness, there remains a communication gap with end users, which needs addressing.

The meeting will also tackle the recurring issue of data access and data sharing, discussing the challenges of balancing security, privacy, and accessibility and proposing approaches to streamline and secure data access within regulatory frameworks.

Herman van Sprakelaar, an expert on mission-critical mobile communications from the Netherlands police, introduced the importance of international cooperation and its requirements, emphasising the need for training and adaptation to various situations and the necessity of a common language.

Edwin Delwel, Digital Workplace TIG Chair, presented the main challenges, highlighting the importance of collaboration and the aspects that should be considered, including the different responsibilities across Member States.

The scope of our discussion includes defining mission-critical operations, organising cross-border continuity and stability, managing shared workspace functionality, making decisions on options and funding, addressing Member State differences, connecting national and supranational responsibilities, influencing national priorities, and evaluating opportunities and risks.


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As we approach the end of ENLETS 2.0, the final meeting of this funding phase was held in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 25th and 26th of June 2024 at the Ministry of the Interior. During this meeting, members of the Green Policing TIG summarised activities and looked towards the future.

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