FI TIG Meeting - 10.06.21

FI TIG Meeting - 10.06.21

The latest Financial TIG meeting took place on 10th June covering the subject of Digital Forensics. The meeting was devoted to actual technologies and tools used by practitioners, as well as good practices from real-life investigations.

Our presenters represented tax services from Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. First, we listened to Skatteetaten, Norway on the topic of “Digital Forensic Experience within the Skatteetaten”. Then the FOD, Belgium shed light on the “Digital Forensic Tools and Training programme ” implemented in his institution. Finally, the  Dutch FIOD presented the “E-Discovery at the FIOD“. Overall more than 50 participants took part in the meeting.

On the 8th of July, the Digital Forensic subgroup is meeting to discuss further actions of the group. Moreover, The FI TIG is now going to start planning the next steps for other subgroups of the TIG.

If you would like to take part in similar meetings and you represent a law enforcement agency or similar institution – please complete this application.


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