Financial Investigation TIG meeting in Athens

Financial Investigation TIG meeting in Athens

ENLETS’ Financial Investigation Technology Interest Group met in Athens as part of the i-LEAD Final Conference and TIG Meeting between the 15th-17th February 2023.

The FI-TIG had a very successful meeting with members from Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands, combining to cover many pertinent topics. We were delighted also to have CEPOL participate in the meeting.

During an intense two-day meeting (following the i-LEAD session) the group covered a range of topics:

  • A demonstration of a training module for finding crypto-related items during searches. This Meta Verse module, made by a colleague from the Dutch FIOD, was received very enthusiastically by members. This gamified approach has a lot of potential to familiarise financial researchers with objects related to crypto assets.
  • The ENLETS Crypto Framework, which has been under construction recently, was reviewed. The beta version is already available, and after initial testing, the next step will be the collection of wishes and requirements to bring it to a higher level. Something will be shared with the broader community shortly.
  • We had a demonstration of the Accointing Tool, a tool that calculates taxes on traded cryptocurrencies, and offers much potential and benefits to tax authorities.

Presentations from EU projects such as Cut the Cord, Cyclopes, Anti-Fin Ter were received with interest by the people present. All TIG members promised to circulate information nationally and support the dissemination of relevant actions.

As the exchange of best practices is a priority within the group, we also made time for participants to share operational tips and experiences gathered over recent months.

We look back on a very successful and valuable meeting and can’t wait to pick up where we left off on the closing day of the conference.

It has been agreed that we will continue to work on the ENLETS Crypto Framework and develop a joint training module for recognising crypto assets during searches in future.

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