The Internet Investigation TIG concludes the ENLETS Technology Programme with plenty of purpose – using the time available to action several of the points highlighted as priorities by the Forerunner Group in 2021.

Between the 25th and 27th of January, members of the group met online to review pertinent operational and strategic items relevant to OSINT teams across Europe. The first two days provided a space for short presentations and show-and-tells, plus active discussions between members of the TIG that work in both operational roles and management positions. The discussion rendered many interesting points and takeaways for the individuals to consider.

As we all know, online events have limitations, but the feedback from the group was positive, with members stating it provided significant value. The Internet Investigations TIG chair, Natalie van de Waarsenburg, is currently working on the report and will present further details at the upcoming ETP Final Conference. (Register here).