Mobile Solutions TIG Meeting - 12.11.21

Mobile Solutions TIG Meeting - 12.11.21

The Mobile Solutions TIG met on the 12th of November to review an increasingly popular topic - Bio-metric identification, namely, Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Scanning. 

Both technologies will be utilised throughout Europe as countries adapt to the proposed Entry/Exit System (EES) - an automated IT system for registering travellers from third-world countries, both short-stay visa holders and visa-exempt travellers, each time they cross an EU external border.

With the experience of developing mobile solutions and rolling out applications that streamline police work and help officers to spend more time on operational work and less on paperwork and administration, the Mobile Solutions' TIG members are well suited to implement these technologies. However, the topic is still novel, and there is much to review, test and debate. 

Having a group of experts who can lean on each other and share best practices and insights is very helpful. The TIG plans to review the current state of the art for biometric scanning across European LEAs and tackle several challenges by engaging Industry, Research and Legal experts.

If you want to benefit from these discussions and represent an LEA - feel free to join the TIG


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