Mobile Solutions TIG head to the Cloud

Mobile Solutions TIG head to the Cloud

For several years, the cloud has increased in relevance across all domains, and law enforcement is no different.

Of course, the cloud is not a suitable – or necessary – solution for every application, but it does provide a saleable and flexible approach that cannot be matched with traditional on-premise approaches.

For the law enforcement teams working to make their organisations more mobile, the cloud is an unchallenged asset – allowing teams to adapt with speed to changing environments. At the beginning of March, the Mobile Solutions Technology Interest Group (TIG), met to review the strategy used by the An Garda Síochána of Ireland.

After reviewing a detailed, constructive presentation from the Head of Innovation and Digital Services, the group exchanges questions and answers to relevant topics and challenges facing law enforcement agencies (LEAs) across Europe. The group uncovered several areas for continued collaboration, and individuals from the group will connect offline to pursue common topics.

Do you work with Mobile Solutions or in the ICT team of a European LEA? If so, why not join this growing network?



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