Mobile Solutions TIG Meeting Update - 14.01.22

Mobile Solutions TIG Meeting Update - 14.01.22

The Mobile Solutions TIG started 2022 with a short meeting to update the group on current actions and to notify members of the current activities connected to the end of the ENLETS ETP and the start of ENLETS 2.0 in March.   

Members of the group are invited to share their thoughts about the progress of Mobile Solutions during the ENLETS ETP programme. The main output of this TIG has been networking, and the experienced community has shared their thoughts, best practices and experiences throughout. Often, these exchanges have stimulated ad hoc engagement offline were members of the TIG have supported their colleagues with planning and exchanging skills. The group's Chair, Edwin Delwel, will present some of these thoughts during the ETP final conference.   

With one eye on ENLETS 2.0, the group also discussed extending the topics covered in the group with dedicated experts leading 'sub-groups' or 'subject matter expert' sessions. This is currently inspiration for the group's Chair, who is currently considering the group's strategic aims for the next ENLETS iteration.   

For certain, one topic that will be covered in meetings and discussions within the group is the use of biometrics – especially in response to the EU's Entry and Exit System. With this work on the horizon, the TIG is about to launch a survey covering the current state of play. The first edition of the survey has been circulated for review and consideration within the main TIG. Once the questionnaire has been further refined, it will be circulated in the broader ENLETS and LEA community.

The next TIG meeting is expected to take place on the 11th of February.      


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