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The European Network of Law Enforcement
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Core Group

ENLETS and its Core Group (CG) act as the hub at the EU level, and the NCPs sit on the spokes radiating out to the MS. If the Core Group is the hub of the wheel, the NCPs provide the spokes that radiate out. The NCPs help filter down the core themes of the networkIf the Core Group is the hub of the wheel, rk

National Contact Points

If the Core Group is the hub of the wheel, the NCPs provide the spokes that radiate out. The NCPs help filter down the core themes of the network

Technology Interest Groups

Numerous thematic Technology Interests Groups (TIGs) connect associated LEA practitioners from all around Europe.  

ENLETS receives direct grants from the EU Commission for its work and does not participate in EU-funded projects as a consortium partner. However, several project concepts were established through the ENLETS community. Namely, these include - i-LEAD, QROC, PRoTECT, LION-DC and CYCLOPES. Within these projects, ENLETS is kept informed of significant actions. Nevertheless, other projects and initiatives that are relevant to the priorities of ENLETS are also closely monitored.

ENLETS strives to raise awareness of common issues and solutions to common challenges. The ENLETS community is keen to stimulate research and aims to amplify the impact of various EU projects - broadcasting relevant news and results through the network and fostering co-creation.

Below, you can search the actions related to ENLETS. Some projects listed are where members of ENLETS act as advisors; others are not associated but relevant to common goals.

If you are involved in a project and would like ENLETS to list it please get in touch.


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I-LEAD - Providing new solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

i-LEAD – Providing new solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

The Innovation Law Enforcement Agencies Dialogue was one of the first EU-funded ‘Network of Practitioners’ projects funded through the EU.


CYCLOPES – Dedicating Efforts to Tackle Cybercrime

It is possible to see the Innovation Law Enforcement Agencies’ Dialogue (i-LEAD) as a parent project to CYCLOPES; however, CYCLOPES dedicates efforts to tackle Cybercrime issues.

PRoTECT logo

PRoTECT – Reinforcing Local Authorities Capabilities

The PRoTECT project aims to strengthen local authorities’ capabilities in Public Protection by implementing an overarching concept where tools, technology, training and field demonstrations will lead to situational awareness and advance direct responses to secure public places pre, during, and after a terrorist threat.

LION DC - logo


The Lion DC project aimed to respond to major shifts in the exploitation of digital environments and social media for drug-related crimes.

QROC - logo

QROC – Improving NOC capabilities across the EU

The Quick Response for Operational Centers (QROC) project’s main objective is to improve all National Operational Centers (NOCs) capabilities in the EU member states.

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