Revised Vision for the Digital Workplace TIG

Revised Vision for the Digital Workplace TIG

Revised Vision for the Digital Workplace TIG

Following the meeting in Athens in February, the Digital Workplace TIG provides an update on its goals and direction moving forward through 2023 and beyond.

The group aims to exchange best practices, knowledge and experience, allowing more effective and efficient development of the Digital Workplace in MS.

The TIG is now evolving into a network in which high-level technical experts and senior-level operational officers from police and border forces across Europe cooperate. In this way, the TIG facilitates and uses the dialogue between super-users and those that design and build solutions to ensure sustainable improvement.

To do this, it maintains a digital communication environment in the ENLETS Messenger and plans to organise exchanges and shared development sessions (hackathons). It furthers research. The TIG does not only focus on technology but on all implications of introducing new technology and the change process involved.

From the discussions and findings, and the build-up of relevant knowledge in this field, it will advise and suggest measures and initiatives, primarily in cross-border cooperation – at all levels of policing.

The TIG will actively support the co-creation of solutions in operational cross-border collaboration. The group believes it essential that Member States’ efforts – called for in the Council Recommendations of March 2022 (8702/22) – are supported by active EU coordination and expertise and guided by EU legislation.

The TIG will maintain active relations with commerce and academia, taking part in and organising industry days and joint research and development.

If you want to support the renewed endeavour, please ‘Join’ the TIG and cooperate with experts across Europe.  


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