INTERPOL Tests Counter-Drone Systems at Oslo Airport

INTERPOL Tests Counter-Drone Systems at Oslo Airport

INTERPOL, in coordination with UAS NORWAY, the Norwegian Police and AVENUR carried out a three-day exercise to evaluate and test drone countermeasures in a secure airspace environment. 

Attendees to the event included the leader of the C-UAS TIG, Jarmo Puustinen and three other members of the Group who actively participate in the TIG’s activities.

The real-life exercise was held in Oslo from 28 to 30 September 2021 with the presence of law enforcement, academia and industry experts from Europe testing and assessing drone countermeasures to ensure the safety of an airport environment through the detection, tracking, and identification of drones and their pilots. 

In addition to the exercise, workshops and presentations were held to address drone incursions with a view to evidence retention. 

The systems presented at this event are emerging as essential elements in ensuring the security of airports, airspaces and protecting no-fly zones above cities, prisons, and critical infrastructure. The sessions were, therefore, invaluable as participants shared the best practices and discussed possible future solutions for drone incursions.


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The most recent C-UAS TIG meeting was held on October 19th, with a brief presentation about the outcomes of the Intra-EU C-UAS Seminar led by Lars Huybrechts(DG Home).

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