ENLETS in Spain for NCP Meeting: November 2023

ENLETS in Spain for NCP Meeting: November 2023

The ENLETS Core Group and National Contact Points (NCPs) are in Malaga, Spain, for a meeting as part of the Spanish Presidency of the European Council.

Since transitioning from the Swedish Presidency, we have much to discuss and reflect on. Beyond updating the community, the gathering is an opportunity to share upcoming plans and ideas for future initiatives that can strengthen European security.

Critical communication and counter threats from unmanned aircraft systems (and other autonomous vehicles) sit centrally within the meeting.

These activities are a primary focus moving into 2024. There are foundations to establish and maintain sustainable technological development and the supporting governance required.

ENLETS is a small cog in the huge mechanism required to drive positive advancements. The community is keen to connect with other networks, initiatives and actions to integrate ideas and expertise that will benefit Europe. In line with this vision, we have been happy to hear from Javier Toribio, Telefónica, about their work in Spain to assist with critical communication – moving from narrowband to broadband. This was an insightful and informative overview of the situation – extremely useful for the NCPs.

We also heard from Antonio Marqués, Grupo ETRA, about the HOPLON platform and the new PopArt initiative for protecting systems and spaces. The PopArt solution does this by pairing a digital twin of a real environment and an immersive digital platform to help assess the space before an event and monitor the area during a police operation. The solution interacts with various sensors and cameras to monitor the threat landscape.

Thank you to the hosts for their warmth and hospitality and for delivering an interesting and fruitful event.

For any questions or more information about activities, please get in touch.


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