QROC – an ENLETS inspired project – aims to enhance rapid communication between Operational Centres and members of the project met from the 13th-14th of October in Málaga to run through a practical exercise relevant to the project.

The meeting also included presentations of sister projects along with demonstrations of new technologies, a User Community Meeting and QROC General Assembly. 

The main point of the meeting was the second tabletop exercise which evolved around a cross-national CBRN-e accident in which the players represented two different national Operational Centres and had to solve the crises together. 

In the exercise, the participants tested the convenience of new technologies such as Stashcat in improving the speed of communication. QROC is an initiative under the ENLETS umbrella Hence, the network members were invited to this event. In addition to engaging presentations, members had the opportunity to observe tabletop exercises. More importantly, it was the first opportunity for many ENLETS members to meet and talk in person since the pandemic’s beginning.

QROC Project Meeting


13.10.2021 - 15.10.2021

Málaga, Spain