Workshop DRONES – Eye in the Sky

Workshop DRONES – Eye in the Sky

Workshop DRONES – Eye in the Sky

On Friday, 17th February, the Operational Centre TIG hosted a workshop dedicated to Drones. The meeting way a hybrid session, which was moderated online by Manuel Ruiz de Quintanilla (AEORUM, Malaga).

Three TIGs (Public Order, Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Operational Centres) joined the session whilst in Athens during the i-LEAD Conference. All groups took tremendous value from the session, and it helped to illustrate the importance of diverse experiences and perspectives. This type of initiative encapsulates the value ENLETS delivers to the policing community.

Manuel introduced AEORUM and presented the latest developments within SURVEIRON, a drone-based IT-solution (drone and counter-drone). The session emphasised the lessons learned and improvements since the official launch test in Lapland several years ago, where several videos and demonstrations were provided.

Following this opening, the actual workshop started in which Manuel had several questions (statements) for the audience. All questions related to the (potential) organisational impact of implementing the use of drones in OCs and policing in general.

We split the group (of three TIGs) in 3 interspersed groups to discuss for approx. 10 minutes for each point, with a short plenary feedback covering each statement.

Deriving from the presentation and the extensive feedback from the TIGs, Manuel will write a paper on Drones, Eye in the sky, looking at:

  • How drones will contribute to police work in general and OC in particular
  • The organisational impact of implementing drones
    • Human resources
    • Business changes
    • Acceptance (culture)
    • Skills (training)
  • Special attention will be given to communication with the public about the police working with drones for crime fighting.

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