QROC - Improving NOC capabilities across the EU

QROC - Improving NOC capabilities across the EU

The Quick Response for Operational Centers (QROC) project's main objective is to showcase the added value of a communication capability for LEA Operational Centers to quickly and securely exchange operational data across borders (e.g. photos and video footage); especially in times of terrorist threats and other major incidents.

The work will help protect the public and public spaces against terrorist attacks and CBRN-E threats. This is achieved by connecting NOCs, handling data flows and improving education and training.

QROC advances public protection by sharing the needs and best practices of practitioners and raises awareness and the uptake of new innovative technologies for operational centers. Moreover, the QROC project develops a communication capability between the Law Enforcement National Operational Centers (NOC) to quickly share and secure operational data across borders regarding terrorist threats to public security.

Tangible results include continuous testing of a new Capability Package (CP), a self-assessment tool for NOCs, demonstration of innovative technologies, and education and practical training via a series of table-top exercises to increase the efficiency and capacity of NOCs.

This project is an initiative of the Core group ENLETS. 

Visit the project’s website for further information.


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